Monday, 23 May 2016

Changed Canadian Immigration Rules Are a Boon to International Students

Incase you didn't know that the country of your dreams- Canada is to relax citizenship rules for International Students including international nurses in 2016, well its high time that you know it all about it.
If you still have questions like “I am an international student in Canada, how can I become a permanent resident?”, here you go with the latest information about the changed immigration regulations.

International students, clearly, have become a progressively inherent part of Canada's immigration strategy as a result of the ongoing changes to government regulations that aim at recruiting more highly skilled newbies in the country.

We understand that you might be short on time. So, here, first and foremost, have a look at the highlights of the eased down citizenship process for international students:
  • The introduced legislation is all about reducing the period of physical residency that was earlier required to apply for Canadian citizenship.
  • It is also about restoring a provision that allows the international students to count the time spent working or studying in Canada, against the residency requirement mentioned above.
  • The process, further, includes the government committed to review the Canadian Experience Class program – certainly the key path to permanent residency for the international students in Canada.

The change is for sure, from the now governing Liberal Party that took up the issue in its electoral platform in the 2015 federal elections. The story, for a fact, took another turn when the Immigration Minister John McCallum brought forward his new bill – An Act to Amend the Citizenship Act – to repeal many of the changes made in the year 2015.

The new bill goes like-
  • As earlier mentioned, there is cut back in the number of days for which a person has to be physically present in Canada, before applying for citizenship – from four out of the previous six years to three out of the previous five.
  • For that matter, the legislation has also restored the 50 percent credit for the time period spent in Canada by the international students.
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Welcome to Canada!