Tuesday, 17 March 2015

You Can Be A Nurse Manager Too! If You Have These Traits

When nurses are important in a medical facility, Nurse Manager is obviously a key resource required. For a Nurse Manager, the roles and responsibilities are imperative to ensure chaos-free work environment that also includes coordinating work of nurses, responsibility of staff performance and effective resource utilization for rendering optimum patient care services in all circumstances.

Nursing Leadership & Management

So what are those traits that can help you to become a Nurse Manager? Let’s discuss them in detail here –

The 1st Trait - Clinical Expertise

Foremost thing required to be a Nurse Manager is clinical expertise. Being a manager, the whole staff would look up to you for advice and guidance when they face a challenging situation. As a Nurse Manager, you have to continuously update their knowledge, skills and improvise their workplace conduct. 

The 2nd Trait – Communication Skills 

Excellent communication skills are a pre-requisite for a Nurse Manager because it involves frequent interaction with people like doctors, surgeons, patients, medical support staff, for notifying police and families of patients, handling administration staff and other hospital workers. 

Moreover, as a Nurse Manager, you need to establish rapport with patients to ensure clear communication and understanding to avoid any potential problems. You also need to interact with nurse aides as well who generally have minimum education. 

The 3rd Trait – The Leadership 

The quality of effective leadership is another valuable trait in a Nurse Manager as you will be required to mentor and train different types of staff and nurses within the healthcare facility. In some cases, you may also face challenging situations or circumstances where you are required to take a stand without fear and voice out the verdict.

The 4th Trait – People Management 

A good Nurse Manager should possess people management skills as they have to get the work done by others and interact with people at different levels in a medical organization. Additionally, being a Nurse Manager, you need to listen to the concerns of other nursing staff and perform conflict resolution in order to ensure there is congenial work atmosphere. Moreover, you also need to promote collaboration and communication between nursing staff, board leaders and the physicians.

Looking up to these traits, you might now feel enthusiastic to enhance your skills furthermore or pursue a skill-enhancement nursing program to become a successful Nurse Manager.

INSCOL in collaboration with BPP University, London and Seneca College, Canada offers Nursing Leadership & Management programs with clinicals at world class hospitals to help Nurses progress their careers and take up managerial roles in healthcare settings!

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