Wednesday, 20 May 2015

4 Innovative ways for Nurses that Helps in Patient Education

Patient education is an essential process of nursing care wherein nurses and other health professionals impart health related information with an intent to improve their health status. There are many which nurses can adopt for effective patient-education. 

Here are 4 best ways for nurses to educate patients -


This is the simplest and most effective learning method used by nurses for patient education. In this way, nurses first demonstrate the instructions or lesson and then ask patients to validate what they have understood. In this method, patients grasp quickly as they remember things more quickly by discovering it themselves. This method is especially effective when a patient is being taught how to inject insulin and other medicines.


With the use of advance technology in medical, so many innovative methods are used by nurses for patient education. Videos are a fun and effective, as people can imbibe things more easily when they see it. Nurses can make use of video demonstrations featuring medical procedures, without putting much effort in teaching materials. Moreover, elaborated procedures such as CPR, instructions of dress change, choking first aid measure is well received, when done through video teaching.

Written Material 

Teaching through written materials is a traditional method but is considered best way to educate patients. However, when using this method, ensure that patient is in the condition to comprehend as well. Written material used can be in the form of a flyer, manual, checklist. Some patients learn best through reading.

Cause & Effect Technique 

This technique is effective in the cases wherein you need to persuade the patient to shun some habits and adopt a healthy lifestyle. For instance- Telling a chain smoker that cigarette smoking is injurious to health will not convince them to quit smoking rather here cause & effect technique plays a great role. Show them a visual presentation that displays the difference between the functioning of normal lungs and lungs of a smoker. When patient visualizes the actual difference between the two lungs, there are positive chances of a lifestyle change.

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