Monday, 10 August 2015

4 Things That an Employer Doesn't Want in a Nurse

Nursing Interview Tips and Advice
Most probably, you gave all the correct answers to the questions asked in the interviews you've been through till date to get selected as a nursing professional. But an employer searches for a nursing professional who will give the 'most correct' answers to the questions he/she asks. Not only this, a nursing professional is not merely confined to give the 'most correct' answers but also to be an all-rounder and a responsible human being. Moreover, when it comes to nursing, nobody wants their near and dear ones getting treatment and care from any random person. So, a nursing professional has to know certain hacks and tips to get through an interview. Here are things that your potential employer DOESN'T want to see in you being a nurse -

Ignored Hygiene and Improper Attire

It's not even something to be told over, or is it? Well, it is. Be it any job, the employer will get impressed by your hygiene. Yes, cleanliness does definitely cast level five spell of charm and so does your crisp, sharp and clean professional attire. It's important to have your scrub properly fit. Untrimmed facial hair and dirty nails are distracting things so get them trimmed and manicured regularly. Moreover, it'd be great if you'll be smelling good, even without those splashes of perfume. All that you need is some spit and polish!

Overconfidence - Basically, Over of 'everything'

No doubt, confidence is a person's billboard. However, how unpleasant is to encounter a person with pride, be it even in our normal lives. Learning is a never-ending process. Moreover, who doesn't like people who are always open to learn about new things? A successful nursing professional will always be striving to learn the best out of all ways of doing something they might already know how to do. An employer would not like to see a nurse's human resources going from confident to over-confidently arrogant.

Not Having Any Other Interests

Let it be any profession, how much do you like a person drown into theoretical knowledge and being confined to such a limited periphery that he/she doesn't have any other hobbies. Well, we don't actually like such individuals. No offenses, but why would even an employer like a boring person? Nursing as a profession gets quite stressful, emotional and even tragic at times. Don't let it dry your sense of humor. Nurses have to have certain outside interests in order to cope up with the tragedy and pain they might experience. Of course, nurses with no outside interests do not really interest an employer.

Short-term Potential

No boss likes a person with short-term potential. Nursing as a profession includes situations with taxing work hours, or working at nights. Well, it might get your sleeping schedule ruined to no way back to repair, but it gets you under pressure of a well-analyzed time-management under your control once you get used to it. An employer sitting to interview for the post of a nurse would surely ask about your willingness to work at nights or working at weird schedules or even at emergencies. Not being willing to work on weekends, night shifts, off-shifts will eventually decrease your possibilities or chances to get the job of a nursing professional. After all, a successful nurse would make her/himself available anytime, anyhow and that's the way he/she will make a difference every day.

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