Thursday, 29 October 2015

Vein Viewer - A Technology that Helps to Visualize Veins of a Patient

Vein Viewer
There’s no one in this world who enjoys poking their veins with needles and healthcare professionals too feels the discomfort in prodding or injecting needles in to the veins of the patients. To ease botheration and help nursing staff in finding the vein, there is a device that illuminates the vein beneath the layer of the skin – it’s the Vein Viewer.

Vein Viewer provides an x-ray like view to allow a nurse or clinician to inject needles in order to withdraw blood from person’s vein. The infrared light used in Vein Viewer makes it easier to see through the layer of skin up to 10mm to 15mm deep. The hemoglobin in the blood absorbs the infrared light and the surrounding tissue reflects it. Vein Viewer then use this information to create a digital HD image, sprucing up the vasculature of the patient.

This technological breakthrough empowers healthcare professionals with benefits pertaining to vein detection and visualization in the most convenient ways. Thereafter, it becomes quite easier to identify the actual point of injecting a needle and in selecting the suitable needle gauge according to the size of the patient’s vein. Eventually, it helps patient care providers to refrain from any potentially problematic structures.

The top most advantage of Vein Viewer is that it provides live visual feedback that helps to confirm the flow both in and out of the veins and monitored before any problems arise. Another advantage of this technology is in being able to navigate a catheter around difficult curves, the ability to see a rolling vein and the ability to confirm proper IV flow.

Additionally, Vein Viewer can easily identify a hematoma and can provide confirmation of peripheral IV situation that helps to avoid medically preventable central lines like PICC or CVC. Healthcare facilities like hospitals, physician’s clinics, aesthetics, emergency, trauma and outpatient centers are gearing up to utilize the benefits of Vein Viewer while providing medical services to the patients.

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