Wednesday, 27 January 2016

The Story of Neonatal Nursing

When it comes to provide care to children, it’s not an easy job for caregivers. Doctors, nurses, healthcare staff, and mental health staff all have stressful jobs to begin with, but when that profession focuses exclusively on children, it seems the stress factor increases exponentially. The best moment in the job of a neonatal nurse comes when she send the baby as well as the parents’ home as a healthy happy bundle of joy. 

The Story of Neonatal Nursing - Inscol Canada Blog

This is a profession that requires more care and attention than any other kind of patient care. While providing care for an ill child, a neonatal nurse also has to offer emotional support to the parents of the child. Because of the delicateness of the patients, they are responsible of all the care and feeding of a patient in addition to routine medical tasks. When the infant becomes a bit stronger and adapt to the environment, it’s the job of a neonatal nurse to educate the parents how to handle or avoid equipment while changing, feeding, or cuddling the baby. 

On usual days, a neonatal nurse would have to attend exhausted and worried parents who come for information and answers. This is because they are the ones always available in a nursing care facility, while the doctors are still not around. However, there is little information nurses are allowed to give to the seekers. Another most heartbreaking part of the job is the demise of a patient and if it is a child, the grief raises exponentially for many. Being a nurse, the most she could do for the parents is to hold them and let them cry.

However, the same story keeps on repeating every other day. Thus, for nurses taking care of child ailments, their job is more rewarding than stressful. When they see happy faces leaving the healthcare center, that’s the biggest reward one can have in this profession.

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