Friday, 19 February 2016

Innovative Ways to Ensure Patient Satisfaction in Nursing Profession

Ways to Ensure Patient Satisfaction in Nursing Profession
If you are in a nursing profession, you already know how every hospital and healthcare facilities are concerned about delivering high level of patient satisfaction, which is tied to better outcomes and even the profits. However, it is always a challenging task for a patient care provider to ensure such deliverable. Let’s relate this to an innovative concept and see how it would prove useful in nursing.

We all go to restaurant to enjoy with family and friends and have a good time eating the favorites. In the middle of your meal, the manager walks to your table to know how’s the food, how do you like the service or if anything that you feel to speak about. Unless if something was really bad, you would end up saying that everything is fine and you liked it very much. This strategy is something that is used by almost all the restaurateurs to ensure quality and customer satisfaction with their service and food that eventually makes you coming back. Due to this, the staff knows the manager is doing this; thus, they perform at their best.

Similarly, as a nurse, you need to ensure that the patient satisfaction is genuine and the services are focused on caring. The best way to do this is by visiting the patients’ rooms and asking them questions like -
  • How good are you feeling today?
  • Was the medication given to you on time?
  • Does the team here helped to meet your needs.
  • Is there anything specific that I can do for you?

Once you do this regularly as a part of your nursing job, you will be surprised to see how much difference this will make for your patients and their families. With this approach, you can quickly identify the problems and rectify them. Moreover, you will get the idea of how the team is performing and you will be able to work on staff development in a better way.

As a nurse, you will be able to help fellow nurses by role modeling and demonstrate that you care and want to make a difference in providing patient care. Whatever you do, all your actions build trust and earn respect with the patients you care.

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