Friday, 18 March 2016

To Keep Nurses Safe, There are Standard Precautionary Measures to Follow

Standard Precautionary Measures that Nurses must follow
It is a known fact that nurses come more closely into contact with patients than doctors. As per the report submitted by ‘Health Care Workers Unprotected’ healthcare workers have been given the ‘most injured’ title. Thus, healthcare workers including nurses suffer more workplace injuries than workers in any other profession do. Therefore, it is highly important for nurses to take precautionary measures to ensure their own well- being and also for the prevention of the spread of possible infections.

Here are some standard Precautionary Measures that Nurses must follow:
  • Clean Scrubs - Nurses make sure your scrubs are properly clean. Also, keep a separate pair of shoes for your workplace, as nurses are generally on their toes whole day caring for patients so it is advisable to wear something easy to slip on. Avoid wearing something lacy or pointy.
  • Disposable Medical Gloves - When attending patients or handling medical equipment and devices, never miss to slip on a pair of disposable medical gloves at all times. This is important for safety of nurses and also helps in preventing the transmission of infectious diseases through the hands.
  • Face Mask - There are a number of communicable diseases that are airborne and are transmitted via nose or mouth. For the personal safety, it is imperative to use a surgical mask when treating patients. Wearing a medical mask reduces the risk of any such infections.
  • Personal Grooming - Besides, these standard precautions, nurses also need to pay attention to their personal grooming like having trimmed nails without any nail paints. Long nails are a source of fungus, patient residue and more, longer nails can even pierce through surgical gloves. So keeping long mails is a big no for nurses. Secondly, manage your hairstyles well, don’t keep them lose rather well tied in a bun or ponytail to save them from not only lice but ringworms too. Lastly, wash your hands that come in contact with any of potential secretion hazards.
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