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A PG Program in Community Mental Health from Niagara College, Canada

What’s in it for Nursing Professionals?

There is an increasing demand for qualitative and mental health services, consequently resulting in a rising demand for community mental health nurses to ensure that people in the community have an easy access to quality mental health care.

Mental health nurses care for people suffering from several mental health conditions, their main role involves helping the patient to recover from the illness or achieve a stable condition that allows them to lead a positive life. Mental health nurses work in multidisciplinary teams wherein they need to liaison with occupational therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and other health professionals.

Community Mental Health Nursing from Niagara College, Canada

Typical Activities of a Professional Mental Health Nurse Includes:

  • Documenting & Maintaining Patient Records
  • Providing individual therapies to patients (For instance-cognitive behavior therapy for depression & anxiety cases)
  • Caring for patients suffering from acute mental disorders
  • Making care plans for individual patients
  • Assessing patient’s behavioral and psychological needs
  • Applying de-escalation techniques to help patients manage stress and emotions
  • Ensuring the right dosage of medications

If you are already working in healthcare industry and looking for an enhancement course to gain more in your career, then joining a PG Program from a recognized university or College is your best bet. One such institution is INSCOL offering a PG Certificate Programs in Community Mental Health in partnership with Niagara College, Canada. This is an enhancement course for nurses who wants to further specialize in Community Mental Health Nursing.


The Program includes:

  • Crisis Response & Intervention
  • Exposure to current trends & issues in mental health care
  • Developing a thorough understanding of mental illness
  • Fundamentals of community mental health
  • Exploring current care providers, treatments and treatment facilities

Employment Opportunities:

Community Mental Health Nurses practice in a range of behavioral healthcare settings including:
  • Community mental health centers
  • Detoxification centers
  • Psychiatric facilities
  • Group homes
  • Hospices
  • Client’s Homes
  • Drop-in centers
Nurses, after successfully completing this program, can combine their advanced learning with their previously acquired education and experience resulting in providing an exemplary service to people experiencing mental health ailments.

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