Monday, 22 August 2016

All-New Nursing Technologies that Recently Made Headlines

All-New Nursing Technologies - INSCOL Blog
Without a shadow of doubt, new nursing technologies have entirely changed the way nurses work today. The technologies too are constantly evolving and have made the health care arena much advanced than ever before. Not only have these technologies increased patient satisfaction, they have also helped in reducing clinical errors and decreased the amount of paperwork that nurses were required to do before these technologies evolved. 

These advancements in the field of nursing have been embraced with open arms by most healthcare organizations. Read on to know which new nursing technologies have made it to the headlines recently…

The Point-of-Care Technology

Thanks to this nursing technology, access to patient records, X-rays, medication information and the ability to seek a second opinion from another health care professional have become easier than ever before and can be done directly from the bedside. The bonus point is the fact that software and computer companies are trying to advance this technology and customize them as per hospital requirements. Just by using a wireless network and a computer - nurses in a number of hospitals are able to access a broad variety of information right from the bedside.

The Hot Topic – Electronic Health Records

Electronic Health Records have been the hot topic since long. The ongoing talk is that there should be a standardized EHR system. However, very few nurses are actually using the technology – less than one in five nurses. According to an industry report, usage of computerized documentation is directly proportional to nursing excellence and good patient outcomes. The higher the number of nurses using the EHR technology, the higher will be the accuracy and the fewer will be the medical errors. Not only will patients be satisfied, there will be an overall hike in the quality of treatment outcomes.

The Increasingly Important – Patient and Staff Identification Systems

Of course, there should be no mix-ups in the people who enter a facility or access the records that are not meant to be accessed by an unauthorized person. Patient and staff identification systems such as radio frequency (RFID) devices, bar codes and wristbands –help in tracking and identifying patients, thereby reducing errors and most importantly in keeping the hospital population safe.
Not to forget the life support systems, smart beds and computerized staff schedules that have evolved through the advancement of technology.
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