Tuesday, 20 September 2016

4 Myths about Nursing Schools, Busted!

If you are thinking about going to nursing school, you may have heard some ugly and weird rumors about nursing. If you have, then this post is for you. Here we bust some of the most common nursing myths.

    INSCOL blog - Myths about Nursing Schools, Busted!
  1. Instructors are mean - Nursing schools are well-known for their stringent rules and instructors who have a stern and strict attitude. However, once you become familiar with the rules, and the environment, you will realize that it’s simply that your teachers have extremely high expectations, from you. They treat candidates more like peers and less like students. Instructors are serious about the course, while also being firm and polite. There may be some instructors who are terrifying, but it would be unfair to label them as mean. 
  2. Trying to weed out the weak too early - Many students have the notion that schools try to weed out the weaker students. It’s just that Nursing schools have different criteria for passing. Here, students who score 90% get a B and students who score a 74%, fail! Competition is higher in nursing school, and weaker students tend to fall out on their own. Once you are adjusted to this competitive environment, scoring 90% will be perceived as normal. 
  3. Exams are impossible to pass - Nursing school exams are certainly tough, but to say impossible to pass is a myth. You just need to be focused and need to acquaint yourself with attempting NCLEX-style questions. NCLEX-style questions have four correct answers, out of which one answer is ‘More Correct’. Students often go through a dilemma wherein they feel either all of the answers are correct, or none of them are. Yet, there is always one answer that is a tad more right, than the others. Therefore, in order to ace an NCLEX exam you need to get used to this style of testing.
  4. You will hardly ever see your friends and family again – You will hear this myth quite often. You can turn a deaf ear to it, because it is entirely untrue! You just need to be more organized and able to prioritize your time intelligently. This will enable you to take time out for friends and family. A nurse’s life is hectic but they need to make an honest effort toward some “me” time and family time. Initially it may seem tough but with planning, it can be done.

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